Majyo Treasure is the first RPG Mini Game based on the
blockchain, building on Telegram's strong
ecosystem of users
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All on TON The Open Network
The Telegram audience comprises 800 million monthly users. By 2028, it's anticipated that there will be 1.5 billion active users on Telegram. The TON Foundation aims to attract 30% of active Telegram users to TON within the next 3-5 years.
GameFi Play
to Earn
Mokoko promotes game incubation and distribution, builds MAJYO entertainment metaverse with a variety of games, and creates a new blockchain game financial system, making games not only interesting and fun, but also profitable!
NFT Circular
It provides complete NFT underlying tools, including NFT trading, and mining, etc. Concurrently, it will also open up a variety of gameplay, such as blind boxes and giveaways. NFT is not only a collection, but it will also bring you more fun and create more value.
Game Launchpad
From time to time, mokoko will go online with new games under the
ecosystem. Geared towards all types of gamers. Coming soon...
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MajyoTreasure Public Beta Release on June 21, $10,000 Prize Pool for Grabs
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Explore Majyo Treasure - The Ultimate RPG Experience on Telegram
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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions Part 1
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Summer vibes activated! The TonGifts & Majyo Treasure Summer Red Packet is ON!
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